resource library


The ENHANCE Project makes resources available to its team of ESRs, to provide extra training and research tools, but also to the public. The resources offered are continuously kept up to date and are summarised on this page.

network online training

In the framework of the ENHANCE Project, some training sessions are provided via a selection of courses and articles. The main training categories on which the network focuses span from practical research skills to broad-based multidisciplinary training in principles of theory and experiments which are necessary for the ESRs to develop their research projects; commercial skills such as intellectual property protection, knowledge transfer and product commercialisation are also a focus point that will give the researchers a solid knowledge base to be leveraged in both the academic and non-academic environment. Teaching and transferrable skills such as project management, modern teaching methods, innovation management, assessment and review skills complement the extensive training plan put in place by the ENHANCE network.

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network databases

In the framework of the ENHANCE Project, open databases on physical properties of piezoelectric films, nanostructures, crystals, electrical coupling, dielectric properties and on metal-organic precursors are created and kept up to date by our team of ESRs and researchers.

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