e-learning in the ENHANCE network

The ENHANCE Consortium recognises the fact that the world changes quickly, especially in high-tech industries. Products’ development times and lifecycle is shortening, knowledge develops quickly and the work environments change as quickly as the markets themselves. This opens a much wider scope of opportunities for new career paths, however, also leaves room for increased complexity from the technical, social, commercial and ethical standpoints. The ENHANCE network is committed to prepare the ESRs, who joined the beneficiaries to develop the research programmes that constitute the ENHANCE project, to face the technical challenges that will be met along the way but also to tackle the emerging work market trends and provide them with the necessary transferrable competencies by leveraging on the wealth of knowledge and international experience of its members in the fields of materials, modelling, devices, systems for energy harvesting and future vehicles. The Consortium provides, either locally or at a network level, the trainings by means of lectures, seminars, summer schools, workshops and online e-learning, web-based, tools; the ESRs also have the opportunity to complement their training with tailored specialisations programmes as specified in their Personal Career Development Plan (PCDPs) that define in a detailed way the structure of their PhD programmes.

The main training categories on which the network focuses span from practical research skills to broad-based multidisciplinary training in principles of theory and experiments which are necessary for the ESRs to develop their research projects; commercial skills such as intellectual property protection, knowledge transfer and product commercialisation are also a focus point that will give the researchers a solid knowledge base to be leveraged in both the academic and non-academic environment. Teaching and transferrable skills such as project management, modern teaching methods, innovation management, assessment and review skills complement the extensive training plan put in place by the ENHANCE network.

recommended training by category


Time management

Career planning and job search

Presentation skills

Interpersonal and communication skills

Gender bias


  • The psychology of self-motivation | Scott Geller | TEDxVirginiaTec, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7sxpKhIbr0E
  • A healthy work-life balance, https://researcheracademy.elsevier.com/career-path/career-guidance/healthy-work-life-balance

Record keeping

lifelong learning & teaching skills

Pedagogical strategies

Modern teaching, learning and assessing methods