WSh “Piezoelectrics, MEMS & Energy Harvesters”

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Since their discovery, piezoelectric materials have found numerous applications over the ages, ranging from sonar to nowadays integrated devices. Thanks to their unique bidirectional conversion potentials, such materials have been the subject of many scientific and industrial studies and many materials devices emerged from research progress.

Hence, the objective of IWPMA 2019 (16th edition of IWPMA after last editions in Kobe, Japan in 2018 and Washington D.C., USA in 2017) is to gather researchers to a unique, successful international workshop to share their latest discovery in terms of piezoelectric materials and their application in actuators and more generally energy conversion devices, hence pioneering and shaping the future of piezoelectric materials and devices.

The conference scope therefore focuses on piezoelectric materials (ceramics, single crystals, polymers, lead-free, elaboration, characterization…) as well as their application in actuators (ultrasonic tools, acoustic devices, motors, transformers…) and in sensing and energy harvesting systems (imaging, MEMS…). This therefore provides an outstanding place and opportunity to present your latest work and strengthen or develop new exciting collaborations.

This year, IWPMA conference will be jointly organized with the ENHANCE project workshop ( The Innovative Training Network (ITN) ENHANCE (Piezoelectric Energy Harvesters for Self-Powered Automotive Sensors: from Advanced Lead-Free Materials to Smart Systems) has the objective to create an interdisciplinary, structured program to form 13 young PhD researchers that will carry out their research both in universities and industry partners. The research topics focus on energy harvesters "for Self-Powered Automotive Sensors: from Advanced Lead-Free Materials to Smart Systems". ENHANCE creates a multidisciplinary joint research activity, implying chemistry, materials science, physics, mechanics, engineering and electronics. All ENHANCE events will of course be opened to conference participants.

The conference will take place in Lyon, hub city formerly capital of Gaul and currently “Capital of Lights”, very famous in terms of gastronomy and architecture as well. This will therefore provide a unique atmosphere for exciting scientific discussion and much more!

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Topics covered

The conference topics cover, but are not limited to, the following items:

  • Piezoelectric material synthesis and elaboration: ceramics, polymers, single crystals, lead-free materials…
  • Manufacturing processes
  • Piezoelectric material characterization
  • Multi-physic coupling involving piezoelectric/flexoelectric effects: magnetoelectrics…
  • Piezoelectric material and device modeling
  • Multiferroic materials and systems
  • Composite sensors/actuators
  • Piezoelectric metamaterials and metastructures
  • MEMS devices (actuators and sensors)
  • Solid State Actuators
  • Ultrasonic and acoustic devices: piezoelectric motors, welding/cutting tools, sonar…
  • Piezoelectric transformers and power electronic devices
  • SAW filters
  • Smart Structures and Systems with Actuators and Sensors
  • Piezo-based Structural Health Monitoring
  • Energy harvesting structures
  • Drive Circuits for Actuators/Sensors
  • Electrical interfaces for energy harvesting
  • Integrated/Hybrid Systems of Actuators and Sensors