Conference "Vibrational and hybrid energy harvesters"

Event intro

The conference "Vibrational and hybrid energy harvesters" was organised in conjonction with PowerMEMS 2019. It was held in Krakòw, December 2 - 6.

Topic covered :

  • Materials for energy conversion
  • Fluid, heat and mass transfer and chemical reactions in power/energy systems, Fuel cells, reactors, and combustors, Batteries, super-capacitors, and chemical energy storage
  • Micro-devices for space applications
  • Thermoelectric energy-harvesting
  • Energy harvesters for vehicle applications
  • RF, inductive and acoustic power transfer
  • Mechanical energy harvesting – Electromagnetic Mechanical energy harvesting – Piezoelectric & Electrostatic Motors/generators, pumps and actuators
  • Biochemical and bio-inspired power/energy systems Power electronics and energy management circuits

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