Giacomo Clementi-ESR4


LiNbO3 films: integration for piezoelectric and pyroelectric energy harvesting

On his work on Lithium Niobate (LiNbO3) he made possible to design original and efficient devices for vibrational energy harvesting by the piezoelectric effect, in particular for connected objects. More info

Giulia Lombardi-ESR12

2021 Best PhD Thesis Award, Prize #2

Unified nonlinear electrical interfaces for hybrid piezoelectric-electromagnetic small-scale harvesting systems

Recent advances in wireless communication techniques, the miniaturization of microprocessors and the improvement of measurement techniques have led to the spread of autonomous sensor networks that communicate wirelessly. More info

Micro-energy harvesting team at Institute FEMTO-ST: Merieme Ouhabaz, Giacomo Clementi, Mario Costanza, Samuel Margueron, Ausrine Bartasyte and Bernard Dulmet (from left to right)

A new avenue for microenergy sources in autonomous sensors?

Article in EU research magazine (

Modern vehicles connected to the IoT typically require large numbers of sensors, and these sensors need a reliable supply of power. We spoke to Professor Ausrine Bartasyte, Associate Professor Samuel Margueron and Doctor Giacomo Clementi about European ITN ENHANCE project’s work in developing piezoelectric energy harvesters that could reduce the environmental impact of the automotive and information sector. Full article